Taiwan Authorities Approved for 250,000 LED lights
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According to the report from Central News Agency, the Premier of Taiwan Wu Dunyi have checked and ratified the plan of setting special program for the led street light energy saving, Wu approved to expenditure 2billions NTD of Taiwan authorities the allocation of special tax to replace 250,000 hydrargyrum lights with led lights. This project will bring in value of output 3.25billion NTD for the led street light industries.

According to Taiwan's Executive, the Ministry of Economic Affairs assured to promote 3 programs including "LED street lamp demonstration urban planning", "the 2012 LED street lamp energy-saving demonstration project" and " expand LED street lamp energy saving project plan ", responding to the implementation of the economic boom, energy saving, carbon reduction, and green energy industry cultivation. Economic Affairs decide to invest about 2.4billions for the exchange of 326,000 led street lights through the model that combined with partial subsidy and energy-saving performance assurance since 2012. If these actions will be practiced successfully, 143million kilowatts can be saved and 87,500 tons of carbon dioxide elimination may be reduced.

Executive Yuan pointed that the project "expand the settings of implementation of the LED street lamp energy saving" covers five municipalities and 11 county in Taiwan. In addition, Keelung City, Hsinchu City, and Chiayi City have been included into "the LED street lamp demonstration urban planning". As for the remote and outlying islands, they have been included in the project“2012 LED Street lights energy-saving demonstration".

Meanwhile, The Executive acclaimed that with the implementation to expand the set of LED street lights energy-saving project plan, TAIWAN will complete the replacement of 250,000 mercury street lamps, expecting to save 110 million kWh of electricity, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 67,000 tons in 2012.Those are equivalent to 172 Dan Forest Park carbon adsorption capacity, 3.25 billion TND output value of LED street.