Crisis Brought Opportunity
Source: | Author:HiEnergy | Published time: 2010-01-10 | 5159 Views | Share:

The reason why LED lights and led street lights have become more and more popular, in fact, has a profound background. Energy shortage has become the economy development bottleneck worldwide because of lacking resources. In this situation, many countries began to develop new light sources that can save energy. The U.N. Climate Change conference closed in Copenhagen, Denmark last month has raised this issue to the world.

The oil continues its Climb recently. The issue of power saving and emission reduction has caused wide and high concern in entire country. According to Mr. Ruan Jun, vice Secretary General of National Semiconductor Illumination RD & Industry Alliance, China will continue to push and promote LED lighting next year. For example, National Development and Reform Commission is planning to involve LED lighting into subsidy range, and local governments will arrange grant for LED street lights.

It will be giant promotion for the entire industry if LED Illumination market can start in major deployment. Just imagine a huge market would appear when all the residential lighting, street lights and landscape light be replaced with LED lights. Insiders estimated that with the development of technology and application, LED illumination market will achieve more than 1.6 billion in 2012.