Hienergy,Green Light,Green Energy
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Hienergy,Green Light,Green Energy,powered by solar energy,no IR or UV,no pollution to health,environment or air. 

As you might have heard that parts of China experience thick smog time to time,which cause much problem to people's life.

By the calculations of Greenpeace East Asia, the red alert affects 460 million people, with about 200 million people living in areas where the air was polluted more than 10 times above the guideline set by the World Health Organization.

Smog is not uncommon in China, especially in the winter. In December 2015, the government declared its first “red alert” in Beijing, part of a new emergency plan for air pollution. At the time, residents complained of the inconvenience such an alert brought as schools, highways and some factories were shut down.

This month,it reported that at least 687 Chinese officials have been held accountable for their poor environmental protection records in ongoing environmental inspections, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said.The central government dispatched seven teams in a second round of inspections to seven provincial regions including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong to review local government work in late November.

These teams have looked into 1,893 cases and fines totalling 66 million yuan (about 9.6 million U.S. dollars) have been imposed in 1,479 cases.A total of 3,287 officials in eight provincial areas were held accountable in the first round of inspections earlier this year for offences including allowing construction in nature reserves and worsening pollution. Punishments included some being removed from their posts.

The government is fighting pollution and environmental degradation after decades of growth have left the country saddled with problems such as smog and contaminated soil.

The central government produced a national plan on environmental improvements for the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020) earlier this month, which set detailed tasks on polluted air, water and soil.

Therefore,let's protect the enviornment and earth together!

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